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Special Lighting: Lisbon Embrace the Christmas Spirit on November 30!

The Lisbon City Council announced an unforgettable show to illuminate the city and welcome Christmas. The highlight of the night will be the lighting of the lights of Lisbon's main Christmas tree, a magical moment that promises to create a festive atmosphere in every corner of the city.

But the surprises don't stop there. The event will also feature an exciting Christmas music concert, filling the Terreiro do Paço with charming melodies that will echo the spirit of this very special time. And to crown the night, get ready for a fireworks show that will illuminate the Lisbon sky, providing a grandiose and bright ending.

Best of all, admission is free, allowing residents and visitors to gather to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

Bring family, invite friends and immerse yourself in this unique experience of celebration and fraternization.

Lisbon's special lighting promises to create unforgettable memories and warm hearts, marking the beginning of the most magical season of the year.

Come be part of this unique celebration and let yourself be involved by the Christmas charm that takes over the streets of the city.


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